You can chose a variety of colours, For pool surrounds, a safe non-slip surface is crucial and our qualified concrete formworkers are the right guys for the job!

When concrete is laid, the surface is treated to have a texture suited to the environment – smooth for interior floors and textured for exterior surfaces. As the texture is literally set in concrete this non-slip surface will be remain safe and sound for years. A good non-slip texture will also reduce any potential glare. As well as severing a practical function, the concrete texture also influences the appearance of the colour and the overall look of the pool surround.You can add patterns. The Construction Cuts made to stop concrete cracking can be complemented with additional cuts to form a pattern on the surface. These secondary cuts (Decorative Cuts) can be placed wherever desired to create a tile or large flagstone look. This is a very simple and yet very effective way to break up large areas of concrete. Conversely, if a simple clean look is desired no additional cuts are required – our qualified concrete formworkers can help you surpass the Jones' and be the envy of your entire street.